Fasten Your Seat Belt and Hang On....

Well I'm back from NYC and what an experience! It was not my first trip, I usually get into the city once or twice a year. But it was my first experience staying at the Waldorf Astoria all I can say is "I'm glad it was a business trip!" Otherwise we would have only visited the hotel, instead of sleep in it. (it's the middle, lighter colored building in the picture.) I love historic buildings so it was wonderful staying there and seeing so much history!
We visited the Guggenheim Museum, and while I was fascinated with the architecture of the inside and outside of the building, I'd would have much rather visited the art in the Metropolitan Museum for the third time(I still haven't seen everything in it!) To be honest there was a lot of very good art on display. And I did thoroughly enjoy studying those pieces. It's just the fine line of art/pornography/modern views that I object to.

The REAL thrill of the weekend though was the Taxi's. Normally when I go in I travel around the city on the Subway, it's cheaper. But this weekend we got to experience the NYC Taxi ride! I say "ride", for it's not a simple drive! You take your life in our own hands when you enter into the car of this ride! Fasten your seat belts and hold on for it's a wild ride! They fly through traffic, weaving in and out as if they own the road and everyone should make room for them. I was praying hard during those rides! I think we rode "the ride" three times!And as soon as your safely out of the taxi and decide to walk don't trust that your any safer from the taxi driver!

There I am standing, waiting for the light to flash so I know it's safe to walk across to the other side, I'm almost there when a taxi comes barrelling down honking his horn - I look - he's NOT going to STOP - instead of running I freeze- only for a moment. Then I quickly move as the taxi misses me by only inches. Most on the sidewalk watching thought for sure I was gone! And my poor husband...he was too far ahead to do anything but scream at me to get out of the way. We laughed about it later...God was watching over me...protecting me.
God does that often and I'm so thankful that He does. We often walk about life thinking we aren't in danger, but we are. Danger is barrelling at us and often it's only in the last second that we see it, but God is there making sure we are safe. He's not done with me just yet....


  1. Sounds like a great weekend - even evading those crazy taxi drivers. :)

  2. Wow - you stayed at the Waldorf? What fun. Glad you survived the taxi's. If I stop and think about it, I'm amazed by how many times God has protected me, and that's only the times I'm aware of!


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