Excellence in Discipleship

Before I leave for our retreat I must do one thing.....

Heather and Ginger have both honored me with an award that I feel so undeserving of. It is my Lord that is deserving...I consider it such an amazing privilege to be used by Him.

Mathetes is the Greek word for disciple, and the role of the disciple (per the Great Commission) is to make more disciples. In the spirit of this award, the rules are simple. Winners of this award must pick five other "Disciples" to pass it on to. As you pass it on, I just ask that you mention and provide links for (1) this post as the originator of the award (Dan King of management by God), (2) the person that awarded it to you, and then (3) name and sites of the five that you believe are fulfilling the role of a disciple of Christ..."

So I'd like to take the opportunity to award five other bloggers with this award and badge for acting in the role of a disciple of Christ. Of course when Heather awarded me on Monday I immediately thought of Ginger and Sue, but they were awarded by others. :-) Congratulations to both of you...you both have blessed me so much and have helped me to grow in the Lord!

Jana whenever I visit your blog I am always challenged to go deeper in my relationship with the Lord. Thank you for speaking truth and loving our Lord.

Gina you truly have been a disciple to me. I have grown through reading your blog as you share your beautiful heart for God.

Iris I love visiting you for your love for the Lord is so evident. I am always encouraged by your words. I can see that you have such a passion to help others grow in the Lord.

Well since I would have given this to Sue and Ginger also, but they already have it I'm only going to do three. :-)




  2. Sharon, you must know that what you said here is to me the best compliment I could ever receive. Helping others grow in their walk with God is probably one of the most important things in the world to me. From my heart, I thank you.

  3. You are so sweet, you and Ginger made my day!!



  4. Sharon, you are an amazing woman and I'm so thankful for what we share in the Lord! Thanks for being such a blessing to me!

  5. Thank you so much for awarding Sting my Heart with this award. I am very honored.


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