A Prayer at the Foot of the Cross

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI have come to the cross Lord Jesus so many times to confess my sin. It's a beautiful cross even though it's ragged and worn. You died here for me so that I might be free. You died so that I would not have to. Jesus I often find myself here looking at the cross, not wanting to forgot the sacrifice you gave so that I could live.

So why Jesus do I leave the cross so often with my guilt and shame with me? Have I forgotten that you are no longer there? Three days later you lived! You were victorious over death! My sin is gone! I am free! That included my guilt and shame!

Jesus you set me free! When I come to the cross again and confess my sin please remind me that the stone has rolled away. Remind me that the cross covers my sin, my guilt and shame.

Oh Lord Jesus help me to battle the enemy. He would love for me to be burdened with my shame. Help me to take captive every thought and expose the lies. Show me those areas that I am still in bondage to, those lies I still believe. Strip away all that is not from you. My desire is to be soft clay, molded into the image you created for me. Do with me Jesus as you will...

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  1. strip away all that is not from you - that's my prayer too for myself and my husband's.

    beautiful prayer. this post reminds me of the song sung by tammy trent - "at the foot of the cross"


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