A Visit "home" to Pendleton (Part 2)

I realize I already posted these pictures on WW but thought I'd post again with words. :-)

Last week while on vacation we went to Pendleton Ind for a family reunion. As we entered town on Main St I was struck by how little it has changed. It's still that small quiet town.
The drug store where we used to get ice cream is now something different. The five and dime store is now an antique store. In fact most of the stores on Main are now small craft stores and antique stores. The post office, the grocery store and the funeral all look the same.

As we left town we stopped by the cemetery to visit the gravesites of my father, grandparents and many other family and friends who have already past. The cemetery was once surrounded by acres and acres of farmland. Now there are big brand new homes - you know the ones that run between $300-$500,000. They seemed so out of place...it tore at my heart.

We arrived at my cousins home and it was so good to be there! Whenever I go back it just seems like home. I only lived there until I was 10 years old, but it's home. It's where my father is, it's where his family lives.

Sunday we went to church, but it was different than what we are used to. I remember the very first time I took my husband to the church, I tried to prepare him, but until he experienced it he just couldn't understand. First, the men and women sit on different sides. All the elders sit up front facing the church memebers, there is no pastor, the elders take turn preaching. There is no musical instruments, and the singing is v.e.r.y slow in order to focus completely on the words. After church typically everyone goes to visit family or friends. They dress differently and they have no TV or radio. Their beliefs? Very similiar to very conservative baptists.

The church hasn't changed at all other than it's handicap accessible now.
Old German Baptist Church There's still the pit toilets and the water "fountain".I remember the water from the "fountain", in fact, I can almost remember how it tastes! There are three cups for all to share. When I was young I didn't even think about it...now I wouldn't dare! :-)

It was a wonderful visit. But I hated to see all the farmland beeing eaten up by big mansions that seem so out of place in the midst of cornfields, pig farms and soybeans. They call it progress...but I'm not convinced.


  1. Are these recent pictures?

    Hey! Welcome to fall! I see you gave in to the pressure!! Your blog looks really nice! I LOVE FALL!!!

  2. Yep! I was just there the beginning of the month...during our vacation. :-)

  3. A life so removed from what most of us call "normal". I cannot even begin to imagine. I am so glad you followed up with the words. I do understand small town living as I grow up that way..main street and all. It breaks my heart to watch the change as well.
    We all have our own style of living. It's all relative..
    What really counts is what's going on in the heart.

  4. Thanks for visiting my site - stop again any time.

    The church you talked about reminds me of the "Apostolic" churches around here. Ever hear of those?

  5. I love that picture of Main St. It just looks like you are stepping back into a time when life was much more simple.


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