A Visit "Home" to Pendleton Ind.

The water "fountain" at church
Old German Baptist Church


  1. The church reminds me of my church when I was young. I love your Main Street picture. You've got me feeling nostalgic!

  2. The main street photo reminds me of the steel town I grew up in, but I have to ask... after seeing the Old German Church, are those some old Germans?

  3. I so wish there were words with these photos.

  4. Yes Michael they are "old Germans" I guess. They are my family(cousins and uncle) who are members of the church. Their doctrine is similiar to mine (we agree where is counts). But they worship, dress and live differently. They do have electric power, but no TV or radios, stereo and there is no musical intruments in their church.
    Most of them make their living by farming. They live simply where God and family is also first. Sunday is ALWAYS a day for "visiting".
    It's how I lived for the first 6 years of my life until my mom left the church.
    It was great to go back...

  5. Very interesting pictures and after reading your details above, even more interesting.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier with the lighthouse steps.
    I'm leaving on vacation on Friday but I'm going to bookmark your site and come back again later!

  6. Interesting photos.

    Reminds me of some scenes in Kansas where I went to college.

    Thanks for commenting on my blogs!

  7. I enjoyed looking at your photos, and also the explanation of some of your photos in the comment you left. Those photos are great -- they really do capture everything you were trying to say (wordlessly).

    Great work!

    PS Thanks for visiting my WW!

  8. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I like the water fountain, too!


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