All About Me!

I found this "get to know me better" post over at Gingers blog. I loved reading it and getting to know her better.

So since I'm officially back from vacation and have a TON of stuff to catch up on I've decided to post this too! I hope you get to know me better and maybe learn a thing or two that you didn't already know...and maybe don't want to know. :-)

ACCENT - Humm...I lived in Indiana the first 10 yrs, Florida for the next 5 yrs, Virgina for 6 years after that and for the last 24 yrs I've lived in Pennsylvania. So yes, it seems every where I've lived they say I have an accent. You would think living in the north for 24 yrs I'd sound northern...but nope...I'm still told I talk different.

I DON'T DRINK - enough...water. I'm always being told I need to drink more, even when I feel that I'm floating away the Dr will tell me I STILL need more. My weakness- southern sweet tea! There's nothing like it!

CHORE I HATE - The laundry! The washing! The folding! The ironing! And then you have to put it all away. As soon as you think you're done...there is more! Does it multiply or what?

PETS - We had a dog once, for about a year. He would get revenge on us everytime we would leave him. He was even crate trained, but would manage to get out no matter what we did. He has another home now- a sweet older couple who stay home all the time. He's happier-I'm happier.

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS - My computer. I'm an internet/email/blog junkie. I've been in denial for months, but guess it's time to come clean. Another thing I couldn't live without is my stero. I love music-all kinds, but especially worship.

PERFUME - Don't wear it. Most of it gives me a headache. But I love Bath and Body's Sweet Pea! I usually wear body spray from Bath & Body- I have lots of "flavors".

GOLD or SILVER - For the longest time I used to wear gold. About 15 years ago I did a test thing that showed me what "season" of colors I should wear and found that I should be wearing silver(or white gold), not yellow gold, so I gradually switched over. I do like it a lot better on me! But in reality I don't wear a lot of jewelry.

INSOMNIA - Up until a month ago my answer would have been yes. But now I take medicine for chronic pain that makes me tired and by bedtime I fall alseep instanstly! I still have some problems staying asleep all night though.

JOB TITLE - I'm with Ginger my list is most likely as long as it is for most women. And my desired job title would be, "Great wife and mother". My "job" is ministry. I am women's coordinator for about 150 women. My payment is the joy and blessings I recieve from the women I serve.

MOST ADMIRED TRAIT - Well I've been told by my closest friends that I seem to know when to speak and when to just shut my mouth. And with my closest friends I don't hesitate to speak truth. Also I've been told that I have an ability to walk through and weather the storms that life throws at me with grace. (sometimes I seriously wonder if I really do or if I cover-up well).

KIDS - 2 sons, 24 and 21. One DIL and two grandsons 5 and 2.

PHOBIA - Being put to sleep - Thank God I've never had to have surgery! Heights ...well really it's the fear of falling...or maybe both.

RELIGION - I too hate to be called religious! I have a relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ!

SIBLINGS - I have one younger sister and two younger brothers. Yep that would make me the older, bossy one. :-)

TIME I WAKE UP - On days I have to be somewhere usually 7:00am. Other days no later than 8:30am. I'm a night owl, often up until midnight, and I need at least 8 hrs sleep!

UNUSUAL TALENT/SKILL- Does burping like a guy count? My boys love it! I can't believe I just admitted that!!! Of course in public I usually behave like a proper young lady should. I'm sure there's something else...there has to be! :-)

VEGETABLE - I HATE - Cooked cauliflower. I love it raw, but you cook it and it will make me gag.

WORST HABIT - Biting my nails. I've tried to stop SO many times! I'm open to any suggestions!

X-RAYS -Yes, I glow!

MY FAVORITE MEAL - Chocolate. Oh that a meal? Hummm guess not. :-( Well then I guess I'd have to say any seafood that I haven't cooked!

So there you go, now you probably know more about me than you care to know. Or as my son would say "TMI! TMI!" I hope you've enjoyed finding out a little bit more about me. I agree with Ginger, it would be fun to see others post this. Have a great day!


  1. Hi, I just came across your blog and I love it because you love the Lord, I can tell. I will be checking back in to read more in the coming days. Please visit mine if you have a chance. It's

  2. Thanks for visiting me. I've enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. One of the things I enjoy about blogging is the chance to meet people that you never would otherwise. You have a great blog and I'll be back. Do you mind if I steal the dog picture below? We are leaving on vacation Saturday and I think he would look pretty cute on my blog!

  3. Sharon, chocolate really is a meal! Yes, it really is!

  4. Heehee, you're southern-"ness" is showing with #'s 1 and 2! I love these kinds of posts. It makes friends on here so much more real. I've been thinking about doing this one, too.
    Chocolate??? Yes, I believe it is a meal in itself! LOL!


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