To my best friend.....

On this day, your birthday, I thought I'd just list the reasons I love you so much.

1. You tell me I’m beautiful, even when I first roll out of bed.
2. You kill spiders for me.
3. You make me laugh.
4. You are nice to me, even when I’m not so nice to you.
5. You’ll help around the house by doing dishes, laundry etc...
6. You are a great father and grandfather.
7. Passion still burns in your eyes for me.
8. You’ll go shopping with me, without complaining.
9. Even if you don’t feel like it, you’ll scratch my back.
10. You let me talk and talk, even if I don’t make sense
11. You love the beach as much as I do
12. You really listen to what I have to say.
13. You let me know I’m important to you.
14. You love just being with me.
15. I hear the love in your voice when you talk to me.
16. You look at me with kind eyes.
17. You hold me when I feel insecure.
18. You have sad eyes and pout if I don’t come and sit next to you to watch TV.
19. You truly want to make me happy.
20. You cheer me on, even when I don’t think I can continue.
21. You remind me of truth even when I don’t want to hear it.
22. The older you get, the sexier you get.(why do I just look old?)
23. You make me happy.
24. I feel safe in your arms.
25. You treat me with kindness
26. You show me compassion
27. Family is important to you
28. You let me serve you.
29. You hold me gently and lovingly.
30. You still want to hold my hand when we walk together.
31. You look on the bright side of life.
32. Your patient with me.
33. You spoil me.
34. You encourage me.
35. You love being in the hot tub with me.
36. You are strong when I am feeling weak.
37. You allow me to be me and gently encourage me toward being better.
38. You’ll admit your wrong.
39. You’re an incredible kisser.
40. You see the good in me.
41. You’re gentle
42. You are faithful
43. I am your friend, as you are mine
44. You speak words of love to me
45. You work hard to provide for your family.
46. Your arms are strong
47. You want to grow old with me
48. You are a good husband
49. You desire to be obedient to God.
50. You celebrate life
51. You love God above all else.
52. Your God's gift to me
53. You show mercy and compassion to those around you.


  1. What a beautiful List, Sharon.
    It must have brought you such joy as you kept adding to it :)
    May The Lord Continue to Bless you both as you serve Him!

  2. ...and just a few weeks ago you were wondering if you'd married the right man! What were you thinking? Sounds to me like you got a "good one"!!!

  3. You're right Gina! This list was a great reminder to me of how blessed I truly am in having a godly, loving husband. No, he's not perfect and there are days I focus on the negatives, as we all do from time to time. But overall I do know what a wonderful friend and mate I have in my husband.

  4. I think you took the list that I was writing about my husband :) We are blessed women!

  5. That was just so full of warm fuzzy. Happy Birthday to him, a day late.


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