Sleepovers, Grandma's and responsibilities

Last night was our first night keeping AJ (our 2 yr old grandson) all night. When we picked him up he grabbed his pillow turned and waved to mommy and daddy. He was so excited to be riding in pop-pop's truck. Mommy and Daddy were nervous, their final words were "if you need us to pick him up during the night just call".

We got home, played, ate goldfish crackers, played some more and then it was time for bed. He went to sleep with no problems. And actually he slept through the night waking up around 6:30am. We only had one small problem. I woke up about every hour to two hours just to listen to make sure AJ wasn't crying. Of course if I was awake then I'd have to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, which woke up DH. Now he usually doesn't wake up when I get up, but figured he was sleeping lighter than normal just in case AJ woke up.

So, AJ's first "sleepover" at Nana's house was successful as far as AJ was concerned. But pop pop and Nana are going to have to learn to sleep better when he's here. We were very tired this morning! :-)

Recently someone said to me that being a grandmother is "all the fun without all the responsibilities." As I've thought about that I have to strongly disagree. While my responsibilities are different than that of a mother, I am still accountable before God on what kind of example I set before my grandchildren.

As a grandmother I can pray daily for my grandchildren. When they are with me I have the opportunity to read Bible stories and tell them about Jesus. If my children aren't walking with the Lord or going to church maybe I could ask them if I could take the grandchildren to Sunday school or VBS.

As a grandmother I still have a spiritual responsibility to my grandchild. This is a privilege. This is a gift!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my site . . . I'm so glad I stopped by. I wandered back through all of your archives—such an amazing life and a reflection of the goodness of God!

    I found myself crying on a few of your posts: Your grandson you've never met, the early death of your father, the responbilities that fell on you way too young . . . yet here you are a radiant testimony to the love of God so richly outpoured.

    I'm orginally from Indiana (near Muncie)—we were almost neighbors at one point. Years ago Pendleton was a place I visited with others from my church to hold church services for the prisoners. Small world. : )

  2. You are absolutely right. We have the responsibility to share Christ with our grandchildren; to leave that legacy of Faith.

    I hope your time with AJ was sweet.

  3. I agree completely. I love being a "pushover" grammie, but I still can't let him slide too much. We *are* accountable.
    It does seem to get harder to get up in the mornings after Austin's been here, though. Not as young as I used to be. ;0)


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