Just a few thoughts on struggling...

Our struggles and trials in this life have two purposes one is to cause us to grow and change the other to help comfort and encourage others. We so often get caught up in the moment of our painful situation that we forget it is for our own good. We allow it to carry us to a place that is even more painful, a place that focuses on the circumstance and ourselves. In that place we see nothing but the pain and the darkness it creates in us.

To forget that God brings the hard moments into our lives so that we will become like His Son, is to forget who God is. God must refine us, the impurities of our life must be removed, and it is only through the hottest fire that this is possible. Are we willing to walk where that may take you? Many get lost in the pain and fire because they forget who is with them. God walks with us through the fire even during those times when the fire burns so hot that you feel consumed by it. God is our stronghold and He is protecting you as you walk through the fires of the refining process.

There are those who we can learn from. They walk boldly with their God through the refining process. Unfortunately they are the lesser few. Most feel the need to cover the pain and wear a facade that shows they have it all under control. They don’t want you to see that inside they are falling apart. In the darkness they cry out to God in broken pain. They see it as a sign of weakness to let others know they are struggling. They don’t realize that it’s in the sharing of our pain that comfort and encouragement of others can come to help heal us. It’s in the sharing of the burden that our dark moment can be a little brighter.

Why do we cover our pain? God can use it to His glory if we were only willing to let the facade down and be real.


  1. I can certainly say that encouragement from others has lifted me in those times when I've been more open. It's difficult to do, though. Good post, Sharon.

  2. Excellent post! Growth is definitely essential to any living faith. Fruits are what bring God glory.

    I find that I can't often share some of the pain in my marriage because it would expose my husband where it should otherwise be private. Sadly, some christian women use their blogs to say things that should not be broadcast to the world. The end result is dishonor to their husbands. I could see if it was just ourselves, but when there is another involved we run the risk of perhaps sinning against them when we speak too openly.

  3. hi sharon. came here from sparrow's. i know God has a purpose for all the pain i'm experiencing now. this post ministered to me. the second paragraph spoke directly to my situation. sometimes i get lost with everything that's happening and i have to remind myself that God is in control. i never tried covering my pain because i was never good at that. just one look at me you'll know i'm carrying a load but i can manage to stand because of God's grace.

    sharon, i know you don't know my story but if it's not too much to ask, can you cover me and my husband and my marriage in prayer too?

    God bless you.


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