Jesus I long for you...

(from a journal entry on March 3, 2006)

Father I look to you for my daily strength. All my needs can be met in you and you alone. I stand amazed that you use this broken vessel.Fill all of me with all of You.

Jesus I long for you...
In the deep part of me I long for your touch.
Your touch tells me I am whole, I am loved.
Your loving arms surround me, making me safe,secure.
My heart longs to feel your presence, to see Your face,
to feel your strength.
To see You reflected in my life, this is my desire.
Oh Jesus how I long for all of You to fill all of me. (SB)


  1. This is my prayer today.

  2. Hi, I found you by way of Sue at Praise&Coffee and enjoyed reading your blogs, I not good about commenting yet still getting the feel of blogging. I love your prayer AMEN!
    I have nominated you for an award on my blog, come check me out, thanks


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