Credible because of Jesus

In the world we live there is much emphasis on training and education. This is also true of the church. Somewhere along the line we have come to believe that training and education is more important than being called by God. Please don't misundertand, I am not saying education is bad or not needed. But when we are talking about men and women being called by God to do ministry I don't think that you have to have training or a degree in order to be credible.

God's word is filled with men and women who were used mightily. They were uneducated, ordinary men and women who often struggled with the call of God. Consider Moses, a man used by God but thought he wasn't good enough and wanted God to send someone else. There was Nehemiah, a cup bearer, who God called into leadership in order to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. There are so many similiar examples in both the New and Old Testament.

I've been reading the book of Acts. Yesterday I read 4:13,which says "Now as they observed the confidence of Peter and John and understood that they were uneducated and untrained men, they were amazed, and began to recognize them as having been with Jesus" What qualified these men? What gave them confidence? Boldness? What gave them credibility? They had been with Jesus! They were filled with the Spirit of God. They were called by God.

In a world that often gives more credibility to a degree than a calling what does this tell me? I need to be with Jesus, studying His words, His life, this needs to be my constant. I need to allow the Spirit to work in and through me. But it's the same whether I have a degree or not. When God calls us into ministry we need to be with Jesus. We need to be with Him to the point that those around us recognize that we have been with Jesus. The people should see that our confidence, our words and actions are not our own, but those of Jesus.

They saw Jesus in them! What a testimony! Oh that the confidence of Jesus might shine through me....


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this strong post.

    God doesn't necessarily call the equipped but rather He equips the called. For the average servant, knowing the Word for ourselves is the starting point of being ready to serve on whatever mission field God points us to. Along with that, is the understanding that the Holy Spirit does a lot of OJT that a degree could never prepare an individual for.

    Thank you. A pleasure to meet you.

  2. Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes on my blog Sharon. I love this post. Our son is a Pastor who also works a full-time job. He never attended seminary but is disciples by a group of other Pastors within his fellowship. He studies hard and loves the Lord fiercely - and I know God is using him mightily. I think God is looking for hearts that are totally His.

  3. This hits home with me b/c our church is looking for a new pastor and we so desperately need a pastor who is passionate about the Lord!! Amen to todays post!!

  4. I agree.. and whatever it is we are called to... we must follow God's will.. Listen to His voice...

    whether we are "more" educated or not...

    Do we chose to live a pharisee life or not... living by the laws, rules means nothing if we aren't living by God's calls to His will...

    So good point...thanks...

  5. This post makes my heart leap with joy and hope.
    Thank God that it is in spite of my lack of qualification that He calls me!!


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