Visiting my Friend

What a wonderful gift to be able to spend time with my friend of 30 years! (Gina is on the right)

It was so much fun to sit and talk and talk and talk and talk. Honestly I don't think we ever stopped talking unless we were eating. :-)

It was fun to walk down memory lane and learn new things about each other we hadn't known!

It was such a gift to watch her with her children-she's such a godly mom!

We went shopping and had a blast picking clothes out for her daughter. It's so much more fun picking out clothes for someone who looks great in everything. Her daughter is such a godly young woman, it was such a pleasure to spend time with her.

We laughed so much! We couldn't believe how much we still had in common, right down to having the same make-up case and same color lip stick! When shopping, we found we have very similar taste in clothing!


  1. You do have alot to be thankful for, bless you.

  2. I didn't connect that you and Gina were friends. When I clicked on your blog to read, I saw the same pictures that I saw on Gina's and I thought I was having a senior moment. I figured it out, though.

    It's wonderful to have friends that last through the years.


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