A Mother's Love

When we held them in our arms as little babies we had dreams, right or wrong we would try to imagine what they might look like when they grew up, what they would become. We constantly prayed for them and their future. We would place them in the arms of the Father, and try to leave them there, but we would worry just the same.

I don't think I realized how much of the heart a mother gives a way to her children. When they were small I didn't understand the pain it would cause as they leave. It's not just the pain of growing up and leaving a mother's side, if it were just that it might not be so difficult. But those dreams you had, the picture of that little boy smiling at you becoming a man doesn't look the same now. The dreams you had were just that - dreams.

A mother letting go of her children has to be the most difficult thing in life - is anything harder? I thought that through the years I was just slowly letting go until the day would come and I'd just let go. Maybe I was just lying to myself, because this pain seems at times unbearable.

Maybe all those times I was praying for my sons I should have been praying for me. Praying that I could let go when the time came. That I would be able to accept whoever or whatever he became as he grew up. I should have been praying that I would trust God with their lives as He walked them through the fiery trials and removed the dross from their lives.

I recently read a quote -True friendship is seen through the heart not through the eyes. As I read it I thought of my youngest- is not true love also seen through the heart and not the eyes? With each outward change I see in him my heart grows a little more worried. I keep telling myself that it's his heart that matters not the outward changes, but I seem to fail at each new challenge. I am trying, really I am!

I know He loves the Lord and I know He desires to be obedient to God. I also know that he is trying to figure out his life. He is trying to figure what kind of man he is going to be. I'd like to keep him from wrong choices, from making mistakes. But he's a man now and he needs to learn to listen to the voice of God.

I guess it's never been my dream for him that was important. It's God dream for him that is everything, and while it may take time, he will figure it out because I know that he is a child of God. So when he comes to me for advice or just to talk I need to be ready. I need to speak truth, I need to continue to point him to His heavenly Father.
God help me to let go of him and place him in your very capable hands.


  1. Great article. I'm featuring it in SSSS. Stop by!

  2. Hey.. found you at ssss,,, I went through this 2 years ago when my daughter went to college.. I felt like my heart had been ripped out.. but over time, God healed it and she is where God wants her... and She is now on her own journey with God...

    I have a friend going through this right now.. so if it's ok, I need to send this to her.. I told her, there is no way I can tell her what it is like.. you have to experience this for yourself.. allow God to give you strength at just the right time... and He will.. and pray... lots of prayer...
    and when our kids do things we don't want them to..and they will... well, just know we pray more..we weren't perfect, right?

    and let them find their journey with God...let Him mold them..

    this is one of those hard lessons for us.. for them...

    as you said.. A mother's love...

    you said it so beautifully....


  3. This is my heart. It's so good to find a mother who "get's it". I have felt so alone and lost in these last months. It's not the growing up that is hard, it's the desire to see her find Jesus for herself.

    You are so right, I should have been praying for myself along the way.

    Your last couple of posts have all moved me so much. I am so thankful that the Lord brought you into my life at a time like this. You give me that inspiration to fight and perservere another day because she is His and His alone.


    PS what is ssss?


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