How Convicted Are You?

I'm sure we have all read a book, a blog, or an article and thought "wow that was convicting". We have sat and listened to pastors, speakers, and teachers, walked out and thought "I was really convicted by what I just heard!" And surely we have all sat with our Bibles open and the Spirit has convicted us.

It happened to me this Sunday, I walked out of our church feeling very convicted about what I had just heard. As I thought about the sermon this week, and feeling convicted, a thought came to mind. "How convicted are you?" Ok so the Spirit had my attention! "What do you mean?" The answer I heard was "Were you convicted to the point of changing?"

Ouch! How many times have I walked out of service lately thinking "I was really convicted about_____." But by Monday I had totally forgotten the sermon!The dictionary defines the word conviction as the state of being convinced of error or compelled to admit the truth. As a child of God if I am convinced of my error or sin wouldn't it then stand to reason that I would also be compelled to do something about it? One would think so! But how often do I (do we) say I was convicted about something and yet nothing changes?

So my dear friends, what have you been convicted about lately? What did you do about it?

Oh Father when I am convicted help me to see that it's Your Spirit speaking to me. Help me to be obedient immediately!

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  1. Conviction? You just had to ask didn't you. :) I'll answer you. I have been convicted lately (once again) about my prayer life. Taking the time and keeping my mind focused on what I'm praying about when I pray is a battle for me. I'd much rather be doing something like bible study, journaling etc.

    So, just this morning, I revised the prayer lists and am once again determined to get going. I may even ask someone to hold me accountable to a goal I have in this area.

    Great post, Sharon.


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