Focusing on Being Thankful Today

I am thankful today for the gift of forgiveness. I do not deserve it. Yet my Lord has offered it every time I have come to Him with my head bowed, and my heart heavy.

He does not give me long lectures about how I should know better, or reminds me how many times I've come to Him for this particular sin. He just forgives.

I am thankful that God has placed in my life brothers and sisters in the Lord who love me and speak both grace and truth.

I am thankful for the godly men and women God has used in my life. Those who have mentored and discipled, both in purposeful ways and by their lifestyle.

I am thankful for my enemies. It's through them that God often shows me the area's I so desperately need to work on. I am thankful for all the trials, pain, and suffering that God uses to purify my heart.

I am thankful that God has given me covenant sisters who are relentless at times in pushing me to become the woman God has created me to be. Who love unconditionally and stand with me.

I am thankful that God is long-suffering when dealing with all the yucky stuff buried in my heart.

I am thankful that God watches over me, and those I love, during times of uncertainty.

I am thankful for my journey with God, both the valleys and mountains.

Thank you God that you continue to mold and make me into your image. Give me the courage to continue to walk in your presence regardless of how steep the path may come or how easy it may seem.

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  1. Having those special people in our lives who stand with us as we go through our struggles, and wrestling matches, are PRICELESS, and definitely Gifts from the LORD! Turn your eyes on Him, remind yourself of who He is, and Who He says you are...He's got you hemmed in!
    Have a great week. He is ABLE!


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