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I would like to further develop on a comment that Linda left me yesterday. She is right on when she said "Sometimes people aren't comfortable with our "confessions". I think we need to be careful how much we reveal and to whom." There is a balance between hiding and revealing too much.

It's kind of like getting a physical wound. If we injury oursleves and begin to bleed we don't just go around bleeding all over everyone. We bandage it up so that the healing process can begin. Sometimes the wound is too big for us to wrap ourselves and we need help, so we go to someone capable of helping. Once it's begun to heal, we do not pick at it so that it bleeds, thus starting the process all over. No, we allow it to heal. While healing there are those who will ask about our wound so we willingly share-but only we asked. We do not run around shouting "Look at my wound!"

Our emotionally wounds or life struggles are similiar. When we are going through something we know those we can talk too, those who are safe and trustworthy, who will help in the healing process. We do not run around shouting "my life is awful-woe is me" to anyone who will listen. But if someone notices that we are sturggling and ask us about it, we certainly should share with them instead of saying "oh everything is fine."

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  1. I'm going to leave an unpopular comment. I read and thought about what you said, and here's my take. For what it's worth. If someone is not comfortable with what we choose to reveal, the fault for that discomfort is not our own.


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