Thankful for family...

There are days when I forget to stop and count all the blessings that God has given me. It's so important to daily look around us and "see what the Lord has done!" I imagine if I did this more I would have less down days, less days that end up being all about me and days that are filled with gratitude and least I imagine.

I am so grateful to God for all things, good and bad in my life. He has used both joy and heartbreak to draw me unto Him and for that I have been blessed.

My mom surprised me with a 2 weeks visit (she just left Tues). I am thankful that God has given me yet another opportunity to build a relationship with her, to learn from her and just share our adult lives together as friends. Our relationship has not always been wonderful, but I thank God for giving me opportunities to know her and see her as a woman who struggles just like me.

Thank you God for the work that you continue to do in my mom, how you are drawing her unto yourself. I am so proud of her and praise God that she desires to be a woman seeking the one true God.

I am so thankful for the spiritual heritage that I have. For Aunts, Uncles and grandparents who have constantly prayed for me. All you grandmothers out there be encouraged and keep praying for your grandchildren. I believe it was the faithful prayers of my extended family that kept my heart softened toward God as He pursued me.

I am exceedingly grateful for a church family that encourages, loves, admonishes and prays for me. These people God has placed in my life and heart are a real treasure.

Thank you God for the most amazingly wonderful man who watches over me, cherishes me, prays for me, talks with me, comforts me, and loves me with a passion.

I am thankful for a son that has grown into a wonderfully responsible father and husband. Of course I am thankful for my grandchildren! How precious they are!

And last but not least I thank God for my youngest son who continues to amaze me by his passion for music and worship.


  1. Such a precious thankful list, bless you sweety.

  2. Family is whats its all about. Never loose sight of that. Great list and cute Wednesday photo.


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