by Dick and Melodie Tunney

I've never walked a mile in your shoes
Tasted the tears you've cried
I've never known the deepest longings
You hold inside

But I've had my share of disenchantments
Days when I've been so low
And I'm here to say no matter the heartache
You're not alone

I will be there with you
through all the joy and sorrow
I will be there to point you to the one
who holds each tomorrow

We were all little girls at one time
Full of hopes and dreams
And now as we give ourselves
we're learning
What love really means

Take my hand
I'll take yours
We'll reach together
For the hand of the Lord

We are sisters, sisters in the Lord
Our faith in common, sister in the Lord
No matter how the world defines us
Nothing can break the tie that binds us
We are sisters, in the Lord

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  1. What a precious picture and I loved the poem!

    I came into your blog by Faith Lifts web ring. You have a great blog!


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