Are your glasses clean?

I often can get really lazy and not clean my glasses every morning. I get up put them on and go about my day. After a few days of this I begin to notice things don't seem quite as clear as they should. Then it's like a 'duh' moment, I'll think "my glasses need cleaning". So I clean them, put them on and once again my world is brighter, and much clearer.

I have a friend who shared with me recently that her son is the same way. And she will often have to say to him "hand me your glasses". She cleans them, he puts them back on and then says "oh, that is so much better!"

Aren't we like that sometimes in our spiritual lives? Sometimes we begin to believe the lies of the enemy and we will go for a few day before we realize it. We haven't been in the Word or haven't prayed like we should. We realize that things just aren't as clear as they should be so we get back into the Word and pray. Things begin to look clearer again.

Then there are other times when the enemy begins to whisper lies and we listen. We begin to think upon the lie and then believe it. We might be in the Word but we just aren't "seeing" the lie. Thats when a sister comes along and says "hand over the glasses". She exposes the lie, speaks truth and then things begin to look clearer.

We can often expose the lies ourselves, but there are times when we need the help of a sister in the Lord. We need those around us who can see the "dirt" on our hearts and help us the clean it.

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  1. Amen to that, Sharon. I have a dear friend that lives at the other of the US from me, but sometimes she cleans my glasses so I can see more clearly :). We do need those people in our lives, don't we?
    Thank you for sharing--

    Be blessed today and always.


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